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Mountain hikes in Farnern

Bern, Switzerland

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Farnern. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful mountain hikes.
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The 10 Most Beautiful mountain hikes in Farnern

Mountain Hike · Switzerland
Hinteres Hofbergli 150422
recommended route Difficulty moderate
39.3 km
7:02 h
923 m
925 m
Bannwil-Berken-Walliswi b. N‘bipp-Wangen a. Aare-Deitingen-Flumenthal-Hubersdorf-Günsberg-Glutzenberg-Hinteres Hofbergli-Höch Chrütz-Bättlerchuchi-Schattenerg-Hinteregg-Schoren-Rumisberg-Oberbipp-Räckholderhubel-Mesimatte
Mountain Hike · Switzerland
Röti 250622
recommended route Difficulty moderate closed
30.9 km
5:49 h
1,319 m
1,318 m
Rumisberg-Stalden-Brunnmatt-Wüeschtrüti-Bättlerchuchi-Chamben-Niederwiler Stierenberg-Wanneflue-Oberbalmberg-Röti-Nesselboderöti-Balmberg-Hinteres Hofbergli-Höch Chrütz—Vordere Schmiedenmatt-Hinteregg-Schattenberg-Schollhütte-Farnerer Stierenberg-Fuure-Weid-Schoren
Mountain Hike · Switzerland
Hällchöpfli 050222
recommended route Difficulty easy
18 km
3:32 h
819 m
818 m
Rumisberg Schoren-Weid-Hällchöpfli-Hinteregg-Schattenberg-Bättlerchuchi-Höch Chrütz-Teuffelen-Brunnmatt-Chüeweid-Wüescheüti-Farnerer Stierenberg-Fuure-Weid
Mountain Hike · Switzerland
Balmfluechöpfli 080522
recommended route Difficulty moderate closed
25.5 km
5:02 h
1,237 m
1,248 m
Günsberg-Glutzenberg-Hinteres Hofbergli-Wanneflue-Balmberg-Balmfluechöpfli-Röti-Niederwiler Stierenberg-Chamben-Höch Chrütz-Bättlerchuchi-Brunnmatt-Reckenacher-Bann-Grossstein
Mountain Hike · Switzerland
Schattenberg 150122
recommended route Difficulty easy
13.4 km
3:00 h
486 m
479 m
Rumisberg Scoren-Rüegacher-Schofweid-Hinteregg-Schattenberg-Bättlerchuchi-Schollhütte-Farnerer Stierenberg-Wüestrütti-Wassermatt-Hubelmatt-Hagenacher
Mountain Hike · Switzerland
Hinteregg 240422
recommended route Difficulty easy closed
16.1 km
3:08 h
503 m
498 m
Bättlerchuchi-Höch Chrütz-Chamben-Niederwiler Stierenberg-Wannenflue-Hinteres Hofbergli-Voderi Schmiedenmatt-Hinteregg-Schattenberg
Mountain Hike · Switzerland
Schattenberg 270222
recommended route Difficulty easy
14.7 km
3:03 h
577 m
565 m
Rumisberg Schoren-Hagenacher-Lucheren-Fuure-Hinteregg-Schattenber-Bättlerchuchi-Höch Chrütz-Teuffelen-Grossmatt-Hagenacher
Mountain Hike · Switzerland
Schattenberg 030422
recommended route Difficulty easy
11.6 km
2:35 h
472 m
464 m
Rumisberg Schoren-Lucheren-Farnerer Stierenberg-Schafweid-Hinteregg-Schattenberg-Bättlerchuchi-Schollhütte-Weid
Mountain Hike · Switzerland
Jahresabschlusstour 311221
recommended route Difficulty easy closed
11.1 km
2:26 h
354 m
358 m
Bättlerchuchi-Höch Chrütz-Chamben-Niederwiler Stierenberg-Hinteres Hofbergli-Schattenberg
Mountain Hike · Switzerland
Höch Chrütz 200822
recommended route Difficulty easy
12 km
2:13 h
510 m
500 m
Rumisberg Stalden-Lucherenhof-Grossmatt-Wüeschtrüti-Schollhütte-Bättlerchuchi-Höch Chrütz-Teuffelen-Brunnmatt-Chüeweid-Schürli-Hagenacher
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