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Historical sites in Valais


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Make your vacation in Valais an unforgettable experience! We have put together our suggestions for the most beautiful places to visit and attractions available here. Enjoy discovering!
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The 10 Most Beautiful historical sites in Valais

Historic and authentic: the Hotel Monte Rosa. The story of mountaineering in Zermatt began here.
Historical Site · Visp
Hotel Monte Rosa
Among Zermatt’s historical buildings, it is the Hotel Monte Rosa that embodies the story of the first ascent of the Matterhorn. The resort’s hotel tradition also began here.
Grand Hotel Zermatterhof
Historical Site · Visp
Grand Hotel Zermatterhof
The Grand Hotel Zermatterhof has been a landmark at the heart of Zermatt since 1879. The citizens of Zermatt constructed the hotel themselves, without payment.
At the mountaineer's cemetery you can see the gravestones of about 50 climbers who died.
Historical Site · Visp
Mountaineers’ cemetery
The mountaineers’ cemetery is a moving reminder of the accidents that have occurred in the mountains around Zermatt. The tranquil site is a memorial to all climbers who have lost their lives here.
Historic moments at the Mont Cervin Palace: the world-famous Catalan cellist Pau Casals performs.
Historical Site · Visp
Mont Cervin Palace
Built in 1862, the Mont Cervin Palace is one of Zermatt’s most historic buildings. The 5-star hotel with the greatest number of rooms in Zermatt was known as the Mont Cervin hotel until 2004. Today, the name of Mont Cervin Palace is known worldwide.
Das Oratorium
Historical Site · Blatten-Belalp
Oratorium und Kreuzweg "Maria Hilf"
Das Oratorium "Maria Hilf" wurde 1891 erbaut und ist Eigentum der Pfarrei.
kapelle St. Laurentius im Bitschji
Historical Site · Blatten-Belalp
Kapelle St. Laurentius im Bitschji
Die Kapelle St. Laurentius im Bitschji wurde von der Jungwacht und Altjungwacht 1991/92 errichtet.
Die Antoniuskapelle Klosi in Naters wurde 1750 eingeweiht
Historical Site · Blatten-Belalp
Antoniuskapelle im Klosi
Die Antoniuskapelle Klosi in Naters wurde 1750 eingeweiht.
Wallfahrtskapelle Maria im Gstein
Historical Site · Blatten-Belalp
Wallfahrtskapelle Maria im Gstein
Die Wallfahrtskapelle Maria im Gstein wurde 1854 erbaut.
Historical Site · Leuk
Historical Site · Visp
Riffelhaus 1853
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