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Fortresses in Alsace

Grand Est, France

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The 10 Most Beautiful fortresses in Alsace

Fleckenstein Luftaufnahme
Stronghold · Alsace
Burgruine Fleckenstein/F
Castle ruin Fleckenstein, P´tit Fleck/F Fleckenstein castle is located directly at the German border to Alsace. It belongs to the group of typical rock castles of the Wasgauregion. The castle was presumably built at the beginning of the 12th century on a 43 metres high and 8 metres wide sandstone cliff that is part of the castle complex.
Burgruine Loewenstein
Stronghold · Alsace
Burgruine Loewenstein/F
Castle ruin Loewenstein/FLoewenstein castle is a ruin dating from the 13th century. It was built on two neighbouring sandstone cliffs. The main castle is situated to the east with a lower outer bailey situated to the west. Remains of a staircase tower and rock hewn stairways are preserved. The castle was destroyed in the 14th century.
Hohenburg Luftaufnahme
Stronghold · Alsace
Burgruine Hohenburg/F
Castle ruin Hohenbourg/FHohenburg castle is situated on the Schlossberg at a height of 550 metres, directly at the German-French border. It was built at the beginning of the 13th century by the house Puller of Hohenburg.
Burgruine Froensbourg/F 1
Stronghold · Alsace
Burgruine Froensburg/F
Castle ruin Froensbourg/FFroensbourg castle was built in 1269 by a branch of the Fleckenstein family. The whole of the castle was destroyed due to robber barons. In 1354, an imperial ordinance proscribed the reconstruction of the castle. In 1481, the Fleckensteins rebuilt the castle and added a mighty residential tower. However, in 1677, the castle was completely destroyed. )
Petit Arnsbourg/F
Stronghold · Alsace
Burgruine Petit Arnsbourg/F
Castle ruin Petit Arnsbourg/F The ruin of Petit Arnsbourg castle is located above Obersteinbach. This castle dating back to the 14th century was hewn into steep cliffs. It is a typical example of the small feudal residences in the Alsaceregion.
Burgruine Wasigenstein
Stronghold · Alsace
Burgruine Wasigenstein/F
Castle ruin Wasigenstein/FThe Wasigenstein is a double castle ruin dating from the middle of the 13th century. Two separate constructions are situated on sandstone rocks separated by a deep and steep gorge. Located even higher is the “old castle”, and to the west the “new castle”.
Burgruine Lützelhardt/F 1
Stronghold · Alsace
Burgruine Lützelhardt/F
Castle ruin Lutzelhardt/F The ruin of “Lutzelhardt” castle is a typical cliff castle with an upper, middle and lower castle as well as a curtain wall. It is located on a hilltop near Obersteinbach. Presumably it was built during the 12th century and destroyed during the Thirty Years’ War.
Burg Löwenstein
Stronghold · Alsace
Stronghold · Alsace
Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg
Stronghold · Alsace
Château du Spesbourg
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