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Cycling in La Neuveville

Bern, Switzerland

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in La Neuveville. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful cycle routes.
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The 10 Most Beautiful cycle routes in La Neuveville

Mountain Bike · Neuenburg/Jura/Berner Jura
Chasseral V
recommended route Difficulty S2 difficult
55.5 km
7:00 h
1,540 m
1,540 m
Many paths lead to the Chasseral, the «king of the Jura». This tour is a variation with start and finish in Biel. Scenic bike tour üover the Chasseral ridge. 
The view on Lake Neuchatel
Mountain Bike · Switzerland
Mont Sujet
recommended route Difficulty S2 moderate
38.4 km
4:52 h
1,031 m
1,023 m
Mont Sujet is a scenic tour in the Jura region near Biel. There are many trails that can be linked together to make this tour more or less of a technical challenge depending on what you are looking for. The descent to Met de Preles is a fun woodland trail in the dry, but very slippery when wet. A great day out for intermediate and above mountain bikers. 
Blick über die Rebberge zum Bielersee.
Cycling · Solothurn
Die Genussreiche. «Bielersee»-Runde
recommended route Difficulty difficult closed
96.9 km
6:45 h
632 m
631 m
Diese Velotour ist eine Entdeckungsreise durch den malerischen Bucheggberg, das Berner Seeland und die Rebkulturen des Bielersees.
Mountain Bike · Neuenburg/Jura/Berner Jura
Chasseral IV
recommended route Difficulty S2 difficult
44.2 km
5:00 h
1,410 m
1,410 m
This tour takes us to the Bernese Chasseral, the «King of the Jura». With its location north of Lake Biel, it offers a magnificent view of the 3 lakes and across the Mittelland to the Alps.
Mountain Bike · Neuenburg/Jura/Berner Jura
recommended route Difficulty S1 difficult
44.2 km
4:30 h
1,052 m
1,702 m
The tour starts at the mountain station of the Funiculaire de Chaumont and largely follows the crete path to the Chasseral.
The antena is not pretty, but it is the top
Mountain Bike · Switzerland
Chasseral - The Queen of the Jura
recommended route Difficulty S2 moderate
37.9 km
5:20 h
1,167 m
1,419 m
A very nice tour over the Chasseral and along the ridge with nice views over the lake of Biel. On a sunny day there are some amazing views of the Alps in the distance. 
Schweiz Kanton Bern Bielersee Sutz
Cycling · Switzerland
Around Lake Biel
recommended route Difficulty moderate closed
42.8 km
2:50 h
147 m
148 m
Discover this magnificent region between the deep-blue lake and the verdant vineyards by bicycle.
Parc régional Chasseral
Mountain Bike · La Neuveville
Chasseral Bike Route
recommended route Difficulty S2 moderate
37.2 km
4:22 h
1,154 m
1,608 m
Schöne MTB-Tour in der Chasseral-Region.
Mountain Bike · Switzerland
Chasseral (from Corgemont)
recommended route Difficulty difficult
34.8 km
8:17 h
1,086 m
1,086 m
Nice little loop leaving from Corgémont to cycle up Chasseral.
Mountain Bike · Switzerland
Runtastic-Aktivität 17. Mai 2022, 09:43
recommended route Difficulty easy closed
73.2 km
4:46 h
377 m
373 m
La Thièle / Zihl - Ländteplatz - Schüss / La Suze - Strandboden - Vigneules/Vingelz - Alfermée - Tüscherz - Wingreis - Twann - Känzeli - Twannbach - Brunnmühle - Schernelz - Ruine Festi - Ligerz - Rebbaumuseum Hof - Hof Ligerz - Parc régional Chasseral (Naturpark Chasseral) - Schafis - Eglise évangélique de L'Abri - La Neuveville - Château du Schlossberg (Burg Schlossberg) - Ruisseau de Vaux - Ruiz de Vaux - Le Landeron - Église Saint-Maurice - Bourg - Château du Landeron (Schloss Landeren) - Chapelle des Dix-milles-martyres - Hôtel de Ville - Canal de la Thielle (Zihlkanal) - St. Johannsen - Schloss Erlach - Erlach - Baie des Brochets (Hechtenbucht) - Hechtenbucht - Chüngeliinsel - Kloster St. Petersinsel - Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Pavillon - Lüscherz - Ortsmuseum / Pfahlbauermuseum - Hagneckkanal - Täuffelen - Nidau-Büren-Kanal - Nidau Beunden - Schwadernau - Kloster Gottstatt - Gottstatt - Alte Aare - Schwimmbad Büren an der Aare - Aare
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Mont Sujet by Markus
July 03, 2021 · Community
Gorgeous tour with a ton of single trial descents. I loved it!
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When did you do this route? May 29, 2021
Chasseral Tour by Dani
June 20, 2021 · Community
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La Gaudine by Norbert
May 31, 2021 · Community
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When did you do this route? May 29, 2021
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